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30 March 2009


A lot of people have a love of spiders and spider webs. Dark and gothic, mysterious, creepy crawly and ready for Halloween. Or just neat and scientific and a little bit fun, because they totally gross out the girls in class. Which is always a win.

But here’s the funny thing: I never knew I loved spider webs before I picked up a camera. I’ve always had a soft spot for spiders – I admit I think they’re cute, and they do a lovely service of ridding the joint of other annoying bugs. But webs? Other than a fondness for Charlotte and her friend Wilbur, I’m not sure I noticed them much.

So what do you want to bet it has something to do with light? The way webs shimmer and reveal themselves in just the right light – there’s not much else like them. Sometimes a web is invisible until the sun flicks over a branch and there, from the corner of your eye, you catch it. Sometimes you’ll see a spider dangling quite in the middle of a room, and you have no idea what it’s hanging from, only that it must be building a web somewhere, somehow, and you wish you had a soft ray to guide you to the center. Sometimes you’ll think of how delicate the web is, how transient, but how strong too. And how resilient spiders must be, building over and over.

This morning, here in fairyland, there was a true Charlotte’s Web moment: A teeny tiny web, with a gaggle of teeny tiny baby spiders. (I’m sure gaggle is not the word for group of spiders, but if anyone knows that word, educate me.) The web was attached to the underside of an orchid leaf, and the eensy babies were scattered on the web, moving about, maybe learning what it means to be a spider. If you spoke to them, they shimmied and scurried. Eek! A human!

I took a snap of them, but they’re so tiny, I have no idea if the photo will come out. A real macro lens was in order, and I don’t have one. We’ll see. Later in the day, I crept back out to look, and they were all clustered beneath the leaf, huddled together and sleeping. Not yet ready to leave the web. Soon, I imagine.

Seeing them made me realize I had a wonderful shot of a spider web I had yet to post, taken the same morning as the heavenly coffee photo. And it also made me want to share some other spider webs with you. Let’s bring them out of the darkness, shall we? They do collect the light beautifully.

film 43

(all images in this entry are by Leah)